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Call us today at 434.589.6213 or email us at office@blueridgeballoon.com - Note: Certain weight restrictions may apply.
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Sunrise Flight - $250 per person.  

Enjoy a memorable early morning balloon ride followed by the traditional toast. Each passenger also receives a custom flight certificate to commemorate the experience. Available daily March-Nov.


Sunset Flight - $299 per person.  

This package includes a late afternoon balloon ride followed by the traditional celebratory toast. Each passenger also receives a custom flight certificate to commemorate the experience. Available weekends Spring and Fall.

Private Flight - $749 M-Th; $849 Fri-Sun; $999 sunset

For those desiring a more intimate experience, the guaranteed private flight for two (plus the pilot, of course!) is a natural choice. Includes the traditional toast and flight certificate, and is the perfect option if you're planning a proposal!


Romance Package - $799 M-Th; $899 Fri-Sun; $1049 sunset

Your ultimate all-inclusive ride! Enjoy royal treatment with your private flight for two (plus pilot), souvenir certificate, digital photos, post flight celebratory toast and a light picnic of pastries and seasonal fruit.

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balloon wedding

Wedding Vows in the Air Package - $1,000.

The Bride, Groom, and Minister lift off in the balloon and then the ceremony is conducted while floating peacefully over the scenic countryside. Once you land, we celebrate with a picnic "reception" and a toast. We also include digital photos of the entire event.


Tethered Balloon Package - Starts at $1,750.

Perfect for gatherings of any size, this is a spectacular way to incorporate excitement for all your guests! With a tethered balloon at your event, everyone can enjoy short balloon rides.

Souvenir Apparel Package - $25

This package was created because so many of our passengers admired our Blue Ridge Ballooning apparel. We have awesome t-shirts, hats and sweat shirts available with the Blue Ridge Balloon Logo. This package includes a hat and T-shirt. We also have sweatshirts upon request and you can always buy a hat or T-shirt separately.


Souvenir Photos - $30

Don't forget the high resolution digital photos of your flight! What a great way to relive and share your experience.
balloon souvenirs

Helpful Hints For Your Balloon Ride:

Certain weight restrictions may apply.

Rides last about an hour, but the whole event is about three hours, so leave your schedule flexible!

Hot air ballooning is an extremely weather sensitive sport, and each flight is subject to cancellation due to adverse weather conditions. While we are anxious for you to experience the thrill of flight, our top priority is always safety. The pilot has the final authority on the status of the flight; if it is necessary, we will be happy to postpone your flight to a later date.

Flights are always scheduled in the early morning or in the evening, as these are the times when the weather is most favorable. Exact meeting time varies with the time of year, but we do fly year round.

Dress comfortably; there are no extreme changes in weather because we don't climb that high. Footwear should anticipate field conditions including wet grass.

Bring a camera with extra batteries. Each balloon flight is a unique experience; since we just drift with the wind, our exact course and destination can never be predicted. Our ground crew follows us during the flight, and meets us at our landing site.


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